From The Notebook

  • From The Notebook: Round 9
    Nine rounds down, and already Melbourne have a two-game break inside the top two.
  • From The Notebook: Round 8
    Every so often there’ll be a single theme for the Notebook. Today is one of those days, focusing on key forwards.
  • From The Notebook: Round 7, 2022
    It’s a three-topic Notebook this week: one individual, one team, and one speculative thought bubble…
  • From The Notebook: Round 5, 2022
    We’re building to a period where there could be several breakout topics in quick succession. Until then though, it’s a trusty regulation format for the Notebook this week.
  • From The Notebook: Round 4, 2022
    How are everyone’s tips? As mediocre as mine?
  • From The Notebook: Round 3, 2022
    What a whirlwind weekend. There was actually too much happening to fit in one Notebook.
  • From The Notebook: Round 2, 2022
    In (trying to) analyse games, a part I always enjoy is watching key passages of play twice.
  • From The Notebook: Round 1, 2022
    The first in-season Notebook of the year is here, with plenty to talk about.
  • From The Notebook: 2022 Pre Season
    Before a look ahead to Round 1, there are plenty of takeaways from the pre season.
  • From The Notebook: A worrying Western Bulldogs slump
    Of all the times for a strength to turn in to a weakness, a fortnight out from finals is no-one’s choice and out of nowhere that’s where the Western Bulldogs find themselves.
  • From The Notebook: Round 17
    A slightly different structure to today’s edition of the Notebook, with two main observations followed by a string of mini-thoughts…
  • From The Notebook: Round 16
    Today’s Notebook covers Patrick Dangerfield, Melbourne’s continuing forward dilemmas and what to make of West Coast away from home.
  • From The Notebook: Round 15
    A two-topic Notebook this week. First it’s all about Brisbane’s forward spacing, and then a dive into what’s changed at Richmond over the last month.
  • From The Notebook: Round 13
    For how the round looked on paper leading in, it turned out to be quite entertaining in reality. A draw, two more games decided by a kick, Nathan Buckley’s Collingwood farewell and a ripper in Adelaide which kicked things all off.
  • From The Notebook: Round 12
    Instead of the usual team focus in the Notebook, today’s edition will be all about some individual player analysis.
  • From The Notebook: Round 11
    The halfway point of the season! It’s a large edition of the Notebook to mark the milestone, with a number of topics covered.
  • From The Notebook, Round 9
    On the agenda this week: Gold Coast’s terrible third quarter, the Western Bulldogs’ maturity, and a starting point for Melbourne’s forward trio.
  • From The Notebook, Round 8: Geelong’s ‘stretching’ ball movement
    A slight detour from the script for this week’s Notebook, with a single-topic focus on Geelong’s method of moving the ball against Richmond.
  • From The Notebook: Round 7
    As promised last week, it’s an all-positive edition of the Notebook, featuring Richmond and Liam Baker, the Suns and Izak Rankine, along with Brisbane’s favourable matchup against Port Adelaide.
  • From The Notebook: Round 6
    Six weeks into the season, we’re at the stage where trends we see are more likely to be legitimate. Today it’s all about West Coast, set shots, Carlton’s defence and St Kilda’s form.
  • From The Notebook, Round 5
    On the agenda for Round 5: West Coast’s efficiency, Josh Kelly’s game-winning goal, and Fremantle’s adjustments against Adelaide.
  • From The Notebook: Round 3
    How Daniel Rich found so much space is on the agenda, along with what Sydney’s win over Richmond means and a few mini-thoughts about Melbourne, Geelong and West Coast.
  • From The Notebook: Round 2
    A fortnight in to 2021 and we’ve already been gifted a contender for match of the season, Sunday afternoon’s clash between the Western Bulldogs and West Coast a pulsating encounter.
  • From The Notebook, Round 1: Are these trends real?
    One of the most enjoyable parts of Round 1 is looking at trends to figure out what will stick, and what’s a mirage.
  • From The Notebook: Round 13
    Schedule losses, an unusually deep defence and contrasts between good and bad kick-mark feature in Round 13’s Notebook.
  • From The Notebook: Round 12
    Unbelievably, we now have to endure three whole days without football, which is disgraceful. But at the end of 20 consecutive days with football, we may be starting to see some ladder separation.
  • From The Notebook: Round 11
    Another two excellent matches in Round 11, even with the compressed schedule, leads us into a handful of vital clashes in Round 12. But before then, what caught the eye over the last few days.
  • From The Notebook: Round 10
    Halfway through FootyMania, there’s plenty to take in as we approach the home stretch building towards finals.
  • From The Notebook: Round 9
    We’re at roughly the halfway mark of this topsy-turvy season and the ladder is starting to take shape.
  • From The Notebook: Round 8
    Let the madness begin. In 20 days we’ll likely have a clear view of what separates the top four from the top eight, and the race for the eight from the also-rans.
  • From The Notebook: Round 7
    In today’s Notebook there’s a look at how the Bulldogs beat Essendon’s pressure, Brisbane’s movement around stoppages and all the what ifs in the final stages of Carlton v Port Adelaide.
  • From The Notebook: Round 6
    This week on From The Notebook: Collingwood using ‘the front of stoppages’, Fremantle v St Kilda from both teams’ perspectives, and explaining Sydney’s tactics.
  • From The Notebook: Round 5
    Round 5’s edition of From The Notebook features St Kilda’s use of Jarryn Geary, Essendon laying a foundation and Gold Coast’s scoring from the centre.
  • From The Notebook: Round 4
    It’s an all-positive edition of the Notebook this week, because there are too many of them to ignore.
  • From The Notebook: Round 3
    Today in the Round 3 Notebook; Hawthorn, Carlton and Adelaide, all alongside the usual video clips for explanations.
  • From The Notebook: Round 2
    Welcome to what will ideally become a Monday night routine for the remainder of the season.