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Player Contracts

Here’s your one-stop shop for the team-by-team contract status across the AFL.

These are all collated from public information; team articles, AFL website, Superfooty, The Age, and the like.

Let’s start with the 2022 out of contract players, all collated into a one-page graphic:

OOC 2022 R27

On to the team by team breakdown.

For those on mobile, tap on the contract image and you’ll get a full size one which can be saved to your device.

Adelaide Contract 15.10

Brisbane Contract 15.10

Carlton Contract 15.10

Collingwood Contract 15.10

Essendon Contract 15.10

Fremantle Contract 15.10

Geelong Contract 15.10

Gold Coast Contract 15.10

GWS Contract 15.10

Hawthorn Contract 15.10

Melbourne Contract 15.10

North Melbourne Contract 15.10

Port Adelaide Contract 15.10

Richmond Contract 15.10

St Kilda Contract 15.10

Sydney Contract 15.10

West Coast Contract 15.10

Western Bulldogs Contract 15.10

List Age Demographics

Team-by-team list age demographics, in a easily saveable graphic.

For those on mobile, tap on the image and you’ll get a full size list demographic which can be saved to your device.

Adelaide Demographic 15.10

Brisbane Demographic 15.10

Carlton Demographic 15.10

Collingwood Demographic 15.10

Essendon Demographic 15.10

Fremantle Demographic 15.10

Geelong Demographic 15.10

Gold Coast Demographic 15.10

GWS Demographic 15.10

Hawthorn Demographic 15.10

Melbourne Demographic 15.10

North Melbourne Demographic 15.10

Port Adelaide Demographic 15.10

Richmond Demographic 15.10

St Kilda Demographic 15.10

Sydney Demographic 15.10

West Coast Demographic 15.10

Western Bulldogs Demographic 15.10

Minutes Played By Age

This proved to be quite popular last year, so the 2021 versions are here to use in graphics.

The 2022 versions will be updated every fortnight, alongside the 2021 minutes so a picture can be painted of how each team is evolving.

Before we get into the team-by-team lists, here’s how the competition compares to each other in five categories:

2022 Minutes R27 22-

2022 Minutes R27 23-25

2022 Minutes R27 26-28

2022 Minutes R27 23-28

2022 Minutes R27 29+

Adelaide Minutes 2022
Brisbane Minutes 2022
Carlton Minutes 2022
Collingwood Minutes 2022
Essendon Minutes 2022
Fremantle Minutes 2022
Geelong Minutes 2022
Gold Coast Minutes 2022

GWS Minutes 2022

Hawthorn Minutes 2022

Melbourne Minutes 2022

North Melbourne Minutes 2022

Port Adelaide Minutes 2022

Richmond Minutes 2022

St Kilda Minutes 2022

Sydney Minutes 2022

West Coast Minutes 2022

Western Bulldogs Minutes 2022