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List Management Suite

Welcome to the List Management Suite on The Shinboner, exclusive to the elite $10 Patron tier.

For returning subscribers from 2022, this looks a little different as each feature now has its own page to make everything a little easier to scroll through.

For new subscribers, here are the three features and direct links to each page:

1. Player Contract Status

Your one-stop shop for every player’s contract status across the AFL, broken down into team-by-team graphics.

These are all collated from public information: team articles, the AFL website, Superfooty, The Age, and so on.

Next to each team graphic you’ll notice the source for every contract in a table – if any of it is incorrect or out of date, please let me know.

2. List Age Demographics

In an easily readable graphic, how every team’s list looks when sorted by age.

At the moment every team has a graphic for 2023, 2022 and 2021, with the idea eventually to have a rolling five-year look at how it all evolves.

To echo an already mentioned point, if there are any ideas for new info you’d like to see in this section, I’m all ears.

3. Minutes Played By Age

One of my favourite tools to use, highlighting how minutes played by each team are broken down by age.

It’s a great insight to which parts of the list are given responsibility and digs past the standard ‘average age’ and ‘average games’ stats to unveil a little more info.

The last two years are covered from a team-by-team perspective, and 2022 also has league-wide comparisons.

The first 2023 update will come after Round 4 – once there’s enough data to draw meaningful conclusions – and will be updated every fortnight after that.

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