From The Notebook, Round 22: Max King Part 2, And The Final Two Minutes At The G

One more week to go until the business end of the season.

It means this is the last edition of the Notebook for 2022, because once we get into finals every match will receive the full ‘North Melbourne review’ treatment.

Until then, let’s finish up with a look at Max King’s goalkicking (again), and the final two minutes of a thriller at the MCG.


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Max King’s goalkicking, part two

The Round 6 Notebook analysed Max King’s set shots and the ever present technical flaw:

“King’s ball drop is askew, usually going to the inside of his foot rather than straight over the middle. As a consequence, King chases the drop with his foot, essentially trying to ‘catch up’ with it.

“But the drop creates too many problems, basically an in built hook so most of his set shots miss to the left hand side.”

Nearly four months later, we’re in the exact same position. Matthew Lloyd had an interesting breakdown on one part of King’s set shots:

(please ignore the caption and just watch from 2:05 to 3:25)

The lean back works hand in hand with the aforementioned ball drop. Combine the two issues and nothing has changed from earlier in the year. As a result King is still missing at a higher rate than he should.

Here’s the first miss on Friday night:

If the clip doesn’t work for you, click here to watch

And the second miss:

If the clip doesn’t work for you, click here to watch

After those, without the confidence in his routine, everything broke.

Body shape changed, run up changed, and it was a complete lottery where the ball drop went or how his kicking leg swung through.

It wasn’t pretty, but – to echo my words after Round 6 – it should be easily fixable.

The effort is there, with plenty of reports suggesting King is putting in extra time. But without acknowledging the base flaw, all it’s doing is consolidating a bad habit and putting him into further trouble.

How it hasn’t been recognised by now is wildly confusing, and it’s the only thing holding King back from a 65+ goal season.


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The final two minutes of Melbourne v Carlton

Technically the headline should say ‘final two minutes and 15 seconds’, but close enough.

There were so many different nuggets in positioning and patterns that a written summary doesn’t do it justice.

Instead, here’s a video breakdown of everything that happened. My main takeaway was both teams set up relatively well with no enormous, head scratching structure breakdowns. Just a handful of little things that was finished off by an outstanding piece of skill.

No need for sound up, it’s all annotated:

If the video doesn’t work for you, click here to watch


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