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Welcome to the Stat Suite, exclusively for those on the $5 tier and above. There are three sections in here (for now):

1. Team Stat Overview

Firstly, an explainer for how this works. There are five stats I look at for a basic overview of how a team is operating:

Contested Possession Differential = inside game
Uncontested Possession Differential = outside game + control
Inside 50 Differential = territory game
Scoring Shots Per Inside 50% = offensive efficiency
Scoring Shots Conceded Per Inside 50 % = defensive efficiency

Every Monday there’ll be an updated version for the 2023 home and away season.

2022 H&A Season Overview
2022 H&A Season Overview: Round 20-23
2021 H&A Season Overview
2020 H&A Season Overview

2. Quarter By Quarter Rankings

This is self-explanatory, but a tool I enjoy using the deeper we get into the season. It’s obviously simple to follow and unearths easy to follow trends like Sydney’s second half dominance last year.

Much like the team stat overview, updates here will be every Monday from Round 2 onwards.

2022 H&A Season Quarter by Quarter
2021 H&A Season Quarter by Quarter
2020 H&A Season Quarter by Quarter

3. Expected Score

Those who follow me on Twitter will know I collate the info every week. There is no plan for that to change at all.

This section will double as a home for those weekly posts and for all the extra trends, rolling rankings and standout items.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, check back here every Monday morning for the latest round’s summary.

The 2023 week by week will be updated in this slideshow…

1 / 24

And for historical data, here’s the 2022 home and away season round-by-round wrap.

2 / 23
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