For those of you stumbling across this blog, a quick backstory on how it came to be and what to expect from it.

This is its second iteration; the original form was way back in 2011. Back then it was called ‘The Shinblogger’, and it ran for about seven months. Not that I was to know it at the time, but a series of posts marking the anniversary of the club rejecting the Gold Coast move was to be the end of it.

That’s because largely from those posts and a fortunately timed job opening, I was fortunate enough to start working at North Melbourne from the start of 2012 until halfway through 2017 as part of the media crew. My job was largely running the social media channels, along with writing a lot of the content for the website.

Although I’ve moved on, I still need an outlet for my North thoughts, so this is the place for my lukewarm takes. It’ll mean from time to time on here you’ll have insights from my time at the club, and how that influences what I’m writing.

Overall, my goal here is for you to finish every post feeling like you’ve learned something. Even when you disagree with me – which, let’s be honest, will happen often because we’re talking about football – hopefully it at least makes you think about the opposing viewpoint and how it’s come to be.

And of course, I’m more than open to suggestions and requests for posts. No doubt there’ll be questions out there about happenings that were normal to me on the ‘inside’ but would be news to others. Although come to think of it, maybe someone on the ‘outside’ can explain why wearing an orange Flyers jumper is newsworthy. Is it because it’s orange? Because I look like a construction worker and all I need is a stop sign in my hand?


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